About Us

We would like to be at the right place at the right time.

There’s a worldwide trend of ever greater utilization of customer loyalty programs, and the use of coupon discounts is booming. Customers collect loyalty points and stickers and always make sure to procure their loyalty cards from their wallet before they pay. What’s next? How can we make offers even more effective?

The economic changes and technological improvements of the past few years have led to much better aware customers. Most of them are able to get information quickly about products and services on their smart devices. Moreover, before they even leave to go shopping, they try to find information about offers that interest them. Impulsive shopping (Whenever you say to yourself: “I simply HAVE to have this!” about an outfit you’ve just seen in the shop window and then run into the shop to buy it.) has been decreasing as a result. Shops in shopping centers and malls aggressively compete against each other to lure in customers, while shop windows try to draw attention and bring in customers. How can we lure customers into the shop? Which channel is not so busy?

We are bombarded nonstop with unsolicited advertisements and commercials via television, radio and email. These offers are either totally uninteresting or reach us when we are not receptive. So the question is: How can we reach customers in a targeted way?

In the past several years – with the widespread use of smartphones – better targeted “right then, right there” types of solutions provided by mobile marketing have been in focus. Mobile communication technologies are rapidly evolving, mobile internet coverage is almost 100% and conventional, non-smartphones are disappearing from the product range of manufacturers. Devices have become status symbols and indispensable to our everyday lives. Owners never leave home without them. Likewise, the first thing they do when they get up in the morning and the last thing before they go to bed at night are to check their device. Finally they store their personal details and private lives on them. So how can we take advantage of the features of smartphones?

We have found the answers to the above questions while developing the BCONHUNT platform.

We have created a promotional system that takes advantage of modern technological developments, so that customers can get personalized offers and sales that interest them.
For retailers we provide a device which tracks effectiveness, is low cost and can increase their turnover with precise and targeted offers in a fun way.
What we offer is not only the hardware technology, but technical support as well; we provide help for the effective use of the platform. It’s not just a device we give you --- we also show you how to use it effectively. Our team members have experience in sales, and they can lead you all the way through the planning and designing of campaigns.

Our ultimate goal is to make the platform a worldwide promotional system based on the latest mobile technologies that spur offline sales by using the advantages of online shopping.