The BCONSHOP application informs you in advance about offers and discounts that are important to you, and then also notifies you about the details of the offer once you are in the shop. When you have downloaded the application and specified your interests, the system will show you valid offers based on your settings and location. You can pick and choose the offers by brand and/or shop by filtering the list.

The reason why it is a two-step process is that the system shares only the most important offers with you. This way they don’t get lost among all the boring or uninteresting information.

Appealing offers provide you with the following information: validity of offer, place (shop, location) and a general description of the offer (e.g. male/female pants with a 10-40% discount). When you visit the shop of the offer, the system detects that you have entered the shop, informs you that you have hunted the discount and allows you to use it. You can use the hunted discount by scanning a QR code on location, as well as by having the possibility to rate the offer.

We reward your Hunter actions with points, ranking you based on your points. Every offer checked, prey captured and rating made, as well as the purchase itself, mean bonus points. Above a certain threshold of points, you will get guaranteed BCONSHOP gifts and additional discounts. It’s not necessary to do any preliminary shopping if you want to use the application or the system; you can make the decision right then and there.

Download the application, register, and see the details inside the system.
Happy hunting!