Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your questions.


Hunter: The customer, the user of BCONSHOP who hunts for offers on the platform.
Ranger: The retailer, the business user of BCONSHOP who uploads offers.
Prey: What the Ranger offers, a discounted purchase of a specified product or service.
Prey list: One of functions of the BCONSHOP application, where you may find offers to hunt.
Under hunt: Those specific offers you’ve put under hunt in the Prey list. The system notifies you about successful hunts in the shop where you’ve used the discount.
Captured prey: The offers you’ve hunted in the shop where you want to use the discount. Read the QR code with your device at the cash register.
Hunting grounds: Those shops covered by the iBeacon device. When you are in one of these shops your phone will show if there is any prey to hunt nearby. The hunting grounds are constantly growing as more and more partners join the system, and as additional applications following in the wake of BCONSHOP are introduced.
Ranking list: You collect points by using the system (checking offers, hunting offers, purchasing hunted offers, rating offers). We’ve created a ranked list with different categories based on your accumulated points. When your points have exceeded the limit of a category you’ll get a BCONshop gift.


FAQ for Hunters:

Which smartphones can use the system?
  • iPhones with minimum iOS7 operation system
  • any manufacturers’ devices running minimum 4.3 or greater Android operation system.

Is internet connection necessary to run the application?

Yes. The application gets the necessary information from the server so mobile internet or a WiFi connection is necessary to use it.

Why do I have to provide my personal information?

As the system is anonymous, you may choose any user name as your primary identification. We don’t require personal data (name / address). Providing this information is optional, but it allows us to show you customized offers.

How do I get notifications about the latest offers?

In the Prey list menu item, you can find the latest offers in chronological order from the top, in both the mobile application and on the website.

How do I get the offer in the shop?

When you are in range of an iBeacon, your device will show the detailed offer(s) automatically. After the hunt the offer moves to the Captured prey menu item and the system credits you the point for the capture.

Do I have to buy the prey once I have captured it?

No. The system will show you offers based on your interests, but buying prey is not mandatory. What’s more, you don’t have to do any preliminary shopping, unlike with some coupons.

How can I use the discounts of offers?

Show the captured prey in the shop. When you have captured a prey you have two options concerning the given offer, both of which are on the offer’s label. If you choose the "Rating" option, you may give feedback on the quality of the offer and service to the retailer. If you choose the "Buy" option, you can get the discount from the offer at the checkout when you have scanned the QR code with your smartphone. In both cases we credit the points of the given activity to your balance. You can find the rules for collecting points in the My points menu item once you have logged in.

What happens if there is no data connection on site?

Hunting grounds are all located in the city center and covered by all mobile service providers. Also, in many cases you can use WiFi hotspot service, so conditions are perfect for you to be able to connect. In case the application cannot communicate, the service is not available. In this case check your settings and reboot your device.

How much data traffic does using the system generate?

Downloading information generates minimum data traffic, so it does not charge your monthly data package.

Does Bluetooth have to be on continuously?

No, since Bluetooth switches on automatically when you start the application. However, you will need an active connection for the application to run. Because the device operates the Bluetooth 4.0 standard (with low power usage), your battery will not run down quickly.

What happens if I modify my data or interests later?

Whenever you change your settings, the system rearranges the offers in the Prey list automatically. You can modify your settings at any time.

What happens is I’m in a different city?

You can specify your location in the Settings menu item (Hunting grounds: country, city), or you can select automatic positioning. This way your device can determine your location. Make sure your GPS is switched on.

Why is it worthwhile to collect points for hunting?

You can collect points by capturing prey and rating offers. Above a certain threshold of points you will get a gift, and not in the least you can move up the Hunters’ ranking list, which means additional privileges for you. You can get detailed information about the ranking list after logging in.


FAQ for Rangers:

How can I register?
The system is currently closed; you have no opportunity to register automatically. If you would like to register as a retailer, please contact us by filling out the Request for offer or Contacts forms.

What customer base can I reach by using the system?

Smartphone penetration is the highest among the 18-34 age group. Due to technology limits (IOS7 and Android 4.3) you will reach smartphone users with higher purchasing power.


What are the costs of using the system?

The service fee consists of two categories:
  • system usage monthly fee: for the operation of devices and support
  • transaction fee: calculated based on exact page view figures.

You will be surprised by how little you have to pay to reach your target group compared to advertising methods that don’t use traditional backtesting. You’ll not only reach them with your message but they’ll visit your shop, too.

Click on Request for quote on the retailers’ interface.

How can I measure system effectiveness?

On the retailers’ administration interface you can find an accurate evaluation of the effectiveness of your ongoing offer(s), the number of people interested in your previous offer(s) and the number of shop visitors. After closing an offer you’ll get cumulative feedback via customer evaluations.

How can I pay?

You can use your bank card to buy devices, pay subscription fees and fill up your credit.

How can I order a device?

As a registered retailer you can order it quickly and simply in the retailers’ administrative module, in Webshop, Tools menu item. The delivery of the devices will take one to two days. After that, you will be ready to launch your campaign.

What special conditions do I have to provide in my shop?

Practically nothing. The iBeacon devices in your shop, which send the ID of your campaigns to Hunters passing by, do not need an internet connection, phone line or power supply.

How do I install the device in my shops?

You simply stick the delivered devices wherever you want with the sticker we provide you. Make sure the beacon covers the product on sale. The device operates on 2.4 Ghz. Since the same frequency is used by most routers, don’t put it directly next to one because the common frequency can disturb the device’s operation. Radio wave travel is highly influenced by reinforced concrete walls and other objects with metal content. When placing the beacon, make sure there is free space around it and minimize the number of objects that could impede the radio wave.

How many devices should I order?

Based on the size of your shop, you can place more devices. In smaller shops one to two devices are recommended; for larger shops at least one beacon is necessary per department or product group.

What is the life span of the device? What happens if it malfunctions?

The life of the device is five years. We replace any malfunctioning iBeacons. As soon as you’ve registered your new device on our website, your offer continues.

What resources do I need to provide to administer the system?

You can administer your offers on our website. To create an offer you have to upload an image and some text. You can even delegate this short task to a colleague or employee. We will help you or give instructions at every step if necessary. In case you cannot assign somebody due to a lack of time or resources, we will take over the task. We will create the campaign based on the image and text you have provided, which you can modify at any time. Different monthly fees contain different levels of support.

How often should I run offers?

It depends on you. For example, you may schedule offers at the arrival of new collections for the current season or at their clearance, or at low turnover periods of the season. It’s advisable to run continuous offers to reinforce your customers’ commitment.

What happens if I don’t use the system?

The subscription you have bought is for a limited period. Try to use it effectively by organizing campaigns. If you don’t use the system and your subscription expires, you have to buy a new subscription to use it again. Your credits are settled after visits, and credits remaining after campaigns have finished are not lost: you can use them in a new campaign.

How can I get some help with using the system?

Our colleagues can help you via telephone or email to create the content and the graphic elements of your offer, as well as answer any questions you may have. You can find information on what your subscription package includes in the Subscriptions and credits menu item after logging in.

How can I integrate the system with my existing channels?

Since you can share information about the application on your existing social networks and website, the BCONHUNT platform can complement your already-established channels. You can also send it via email in your newsletter.