How does it work?

Operation and settings of BCONSHOP
The BCONHUNT platform allows several independent mobile applications to work together to cover different sales areas with their services. Below we introduce the conceptual structure of BCONSHOP service. The basic principle of the service is similar in every case.

Settings and use of the BCONSHOP application (mobile application and web interface)
To use BCONSHOP service you must perform some linked settings. We explain it to you step by step below, so please make sure the sequence of the settings is done correctly.
Settings, menu items and icons in both web and mobile applications are identical, so the description below is applicable to both interfaces.

First download the BCONSHOP application from the relevant store (App Store, Google play). Then register in either the application or on the site. It’s up to you where you do it. The system requires your user name, email address and password. You can log in subsequently with this email address and password both in the mobile application and on the website. Don’t forget that you can use this email address and password later for any other BCONHUNT applications as well, so the first registration will enable you to access our other applications in the future. 

You can view the basic information of your account, specify your nickname and full name and change your password in the User account settings menu item.
User account data. This is where you can change your account information. The system is essentially anonymous, so you have to fill in the name and nickname information for the Rankings.
Changing the password. This is where you can change your password. First enter your previous password and then the new one twice. Afterwards click on Save to save your changes.

Settings define the type and amount of offers you will get when you use the system. Detailed settings ensure that you find offers which interest you and get information about products and services that match your interests. These parameters apply exclusively to BCONSHOP, so they don’t apply to any future BCONHUNT applications. These settings are valid for BCONSHOP only.
Personal information. This is where you can specify some personal information and your clothing size to get personalized offers. Have you ever found a good price promotion, but when you went looking for it at the shop, your size had already run out? It happens, but we try to minimize unnecessary shopping trips. Specify your size, and we’ll notify you about offers available in your size.
Defining hunting grounds. Defining hunting grounds means specifying the geographical dimensions of your hunt. If you want to choose the location manually, you may do it from the dropdown menu. If, however, you wish to hunt in your current location, simply turn on the GPS positioning option.  
Interests. This is where you can specify which products and/or services you are interested in, so you will see only those offers on your Prey list. Narrow the search as you wish. Settings may be modified at any time. After modification, your new interests will appear, while deselected products disappear from your Prey list.

After you’ve finished setting up your preliminary settings, it’s time to go hunting. In the Finding prey menu item, you will see the following options:
 The prey list. In this menu item you can find retailers’ offers that match your interests, based on your settings in the BCONSHOP settings menu item. When you click on a specific offer in the application you will see it in full screen mode. If you like the offer and wish to hunt for it, click on ‘Hunt’ to remove the offer from hunt and move it to your Under hunt list. Make sure the offer is under hunt if you want to be notified in a message about a certain offer in the shop.
Under hunt. This menu item contains offers under hunt. The application notifies you immediately on your ‘Under hunt’ list whenever you visit the shop where the offer is and you are in range of the beacon. If you decide not to hunt an offer, push ‘Delete’ and it returns to the ‘Prey list’. In this case you are not notified about the offer on site.
Captured Prey. This menu item contains offers hunted in a shop, i.e. on location. You have two options concerning hunted offers. You may rate the offer, giving feedback to the retailer on the offer, or you can use the discount to buy the product. In the latter case, click on ‘Buy’ to activate the QR reader in the application and scan the QR code at the cashier to be able to use the discount. We reward you with points for hunting the offer on location, rating it and purchasing it, which are all important when it comes to your place on the ranking list. For more information check the ‘Ranking list’ menu item.
The prey map. This map shows you prey to hunt and prey you’ve already hunted. When you switch on the Prey list, you will see all the offers that interest you on the map. If you want to see the location of prey already chosen, click the Under hunt button.
You can zoom in and zoom out, and if you click on the flags you will see the number of offers in a given location. It’s also listed under the map. Plan your shopping trip based on the location of the offers.
Premium services. Currently not in use. Stay tuned for premium services for a more exciting hunt.

This is where you can find messages to get important information firsthand.
Stay up-to-date!

We reward you for each successful hunt. A successful hunt means that you’ve captured prey at the location of the offer. In other words, you’ve bought the selected prey in the shop. The points you collect increase incrementally with each hunt, and when you’ve reached a new level on the Ranking list, you will be given a guaranteed BCONHUNT gift. You can get additional points by rating hunted offers, which helps your favorite brands or shops create more interesting offers in the future. You can find the rules for reward points on this page after you’ve logged in.

We rank hunters based on points collected using the system. You can find detailed rules for collecting points in the Your points menu item. Collect points, get guaranteed prizes and hunt your way up to the top of the ranking list.