All conditions are assured to increase your retail turnover by using the possibilities and advantages of online marketing.

When shopping centers first appeared, most retailers relocated to malls. Due to this geographical concentration, the fight for the attention of the customer has tremendously grown. At the same time, because of high operation costs, it has become extremely important to have sufficient turnover. Online malls and webshops, with their continuous online presence, have become serious competitors for traditional retailers because of their reach. The BCONHUNT platform provides a possibility for retailers to tackle the above mentioned problems by increasing the number of visitors to their shops.

  • Take advantage of mobile marketing

    As a marketing destination and advertising space, mobile devices are still mostly an untapped resource, even though research and studies verify their effectiveness, and that consumers are open to advertisements on their mobiles.
    Most people like to use their mobile to get information before shopping, or even to compare prices during shopping.
    A huge advantage of mobile marketing compared to traditional advertising media is extremely accurate targeting, cost efficiency and, last but not least, real measurability. For TV or radio commercials, ratings have to be estimated, whereas mobile marketing provides us with exact viewing and visiting numbers.

  • Follow the rise of smartphones

    Some years ago smartphones were new, but now most manufacturers’ entry-level devices are smartphones, so they are able to run external applications, too. On average, every other mobile phone in Europe is now a smartphone, and the highest penetration is among young people. At the same time, the number of application downloads, both free and paid, is on the rise.
    Consumers practically don’t go anywhere without their smartphones and use more and more features on their devices.

  • Get accustomed to changing habits

    Economic changes in the past years have greatly affected shopping habits.
    Consumers have become more aware, often searching for discounts and sales. They are even willing to travel great distances for a greater discount. Retailers have also had to react to these changes in shopping habits: they now need to communicate more consciously and through more channels.
    The BCONHUNT platform serves this change in demand: it helps the customer get preliminary information and find offers that interest him while retailers are provided with a new channel to reach their target group more effectively.

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