Come out of hiding

Plan, publish and share your campaign and make it widely known to reach more existing and potential customers.
  • Placing the devices in the shop

    The placement of the ordered beacons in your shop is very simple: stick them on the wall, in the corner of the shop window or on the shelves. They don’t need electricity, an internet connection or a telephone network to work. The range of the beacon is around fifty meters, but it may be affected by objects in the way. Make sure the beacons cover the whole shop, so that smart phones can detect them outside the shop.

  • Communicating the hunt

    Assign the offer to the placed beacons and share the campaign on other available channels to reach more people. Write the contact details of the application and the ID of the offer on your website and Facebook. This way you can help your customers to join easier and you can inform them about the discount in a newsletter. 

  • We take the burden off your shoulders

    We won’t leave you stranded when it comes to creating the offer or handling the administration afterwards. You don’t have the resources to manage the system? Could you use some extra help with planning and creating the offer? Then contact our colleagues who can give you useful advice and lead you through the whole process. What’s more, we can assist you with creating necessary content elements, if necessary. 

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