Placing the target

What makes for an effective offer according to market research on shopping habits?

  • What makes a good offer?

    It is about specifying products and discounts. There is no generalization, no misleading.
    There is substantial stock behind it.
    It’s limited in space and time in order to motivate customers to act. It never disappoints customers: genuinely exclusive products or prices that are available through the system or personal purchase.

  • What's the aim of a good offer?

    It brings the customer into your shops so make sure he gets the discount at personal pickup. Once the customer is in the shop, the odds that other products catch his attention are greater. In the BCONHUNT system, a well-planned offer increases the utility of the shopping experience in a fun way, contributing to sales growth on the retailer’s side.

  • How is its effectiveness measured?

    Unlike the estimated number of visits or page views of mass media, in the BCONHUNT system you can find exact records regarding the number of inquiries about an offer, as well as the numbers of visits generated by the offer. Customers can evaluate your offers personally. You can check the offers’ results after closing them, so that next time a more effective offer, based on customer feedback, can be made.

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